Catomatic Web Production Services, Ltd

Catomatic is a web production firm whose specialty is delivering custom user interfaces, backend processes, and brand strategies. Catomatic has been doing business since 2002 for a wide variety of organizations and individuals.

Nine lives of Catomatic web production:

  1. Budget constrained "If you have $100, your budget for your project is $100. If it costs $101, you can’t do it." [1]
  2. Service oriented business Catomatic is sort of like a plumber. Everyone has varying degrees of expertise and inclination to research, purchase, and install a water heater.
  3. Depth of knowledge Catomatic isn't a brick maker, but a Trowelsmith™. Our strength is in making the gears line up and spin with minimum friction. These have been metaphors for javascript.
  4. Professional contact pool Catomatic really is just one guy, in case you couldn't tell. Catomatic feels like Rickey Henderson sometimes. Rickey Henderson played on a team. Maybe you like Rickey Henderson, maybe you just like The A's. But Rickey Henderson has Paul Molitor on speed dial.
  5. Diligent effort & Vigilant maintenance Catomatic doesn't like to get embarrassed by turning out something ugly, shoddy, or copycat (no pun intended). That's not to say it hasn't happened. But it stings. If it breaks, Catomatic fixes it!
  6. Mobile first (but looks good at Grandma's) For some, it's a debate. For Catomatic, it's a fundamental principle of development. But it'll change when there's a Computer Glasses® kiosk at the mall.[2]
  7. No mobile apps Mobile apps are awesome, but they're a huge resource drain. Catomatic has made one mobile app. It was just like a web site, except it only worked on iPhones and took six months.
  8. Web links, not weblinks Check out how well Catomatic uses web links on this one page alone. It's like Wikipedia up in here! I am pretty proud of myself.[2]
  9. I love cats Do you love cats? Then that makes us practically family. You don't like cats? Well now I know how to make you sneeze.


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