What is the meaning of Catomatic?

We swear, it's only because we like cats.

Eric C. and I cooked up a computer lab/database machine business in 2000. Back in those days, people were geniuses simply because they could regularly get online. He ended up making the datbase-which-databases-itself, and I wound up focusing on the brand which I kept. Not coincidentally, we also co-parented a sweet feline named Jasmine.

Originally, we had to take catomatic.net, in 2000 or so. Catomatic.com was inhabited by a Linux-bird cartoon. Are you out there, original catomatic.com owner? Do you come by when the lights are all out, and see what's about, yeah???

It's okay if you do! (not that you need my permission, no Sir!)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand...Apparently, in Hiberno-English, it means super-duper shitty. Official company policy is that Catomatic is Okay With That, even though neither founder has been to Ireland (yet).

In spite of that, we can read about Irish slang thanks to the intanetz. tl;dr: Catomatic is a way of sayin' "Cat Melodeon," akin to a keyboardist hitting the wrong key. Not unlike a cat meyowling at 3AM (eternal).

Note to/from self:
* do another video search for Kingdom Rush
* the advanced artillery team shouts "Cat Malogen!"



This page says the slang comes from a county called Mayo. damn if mayo ain't tasty

"...the sound of a melodeon and that of a cat wailing..." video search for this too

What is cat melodeon? find out!

All of these come from slang.ie (pronounced "slanjee")

Cat Malogen

Cat Melodeon

Cat Melojen